How To Make 360° Video Without A Camera

June 4, 2017

What do you do to make a 360° VR video when you can’t afford a 360° camera? What we are talking about is making 360° videos and not 360° panoramic photos.

How To Upload 360° Video In YouTube

February 3, 2017

Uploading your video is not as easy as clicking upload and waiting. In YouTube, you will need to scrub the video through a 360-degree app. The video needs to include certain metadata for 360-degree playback to be enabled. YouTube has provided the following for all users to upload footage. Your video file needs to include certain […]

How To Use Photosphere With Google Cardboard

February 3, 2017

The absolute easiest way to view a photo sphere on your phone is to create it yourself. Using Google’s Photo Sphere Camera (for Android or IOS). By creating your own spheres they are immediately on your phone. However, getting the side by side view for use with your VR headset can prove more difficult. Source: […]

A Breakthrough 360° Surround Video Camera

February 3, 2017

Sphericam is the world’s first affordable, GPS-enabled, live internet streaming, 360º video camera.

42k Camera Rig For Adult VR Content

February 8, 2017

An adult VR content provider broke the record of the highest content resolutions – surpassing full HD and 4K – to bring the most detailed adult entertainment content to virtual reality. Huccio, a provider of high-definition adult content for VR, is the first to offer the highest resolution content specifically catered for adult entertainment. At […]

Google Is Planning A New VR Headset

February 8, 2017

Google has virtual reality ambitions that stretch beyond cardboard. The web giant is planning to release a new VR headset later this year, according to a report Sunday by the Financial Times. A successor to the Cardboard VR viewer the company released in 2014, the new smartphone-based headset will sport improved sensors and lenses housed […]

Editing 360° Video For VR

February 3, 2017

One of the most popular 360-degree editing platforms, which is also YouTube compatible, is the Kolor Autopano Video software.  The Kolor Autopano Video platform works on both Windows and Mac. It automatically syncs your footage and stitches a 360-degree video. You also have the ability to render in HD, 4K, or even export individual frames. Here’s […]

Lytro Immerge – The World’s First Light Field VR Camera

February 8, 2016

Virtual reality is an exciting game field for tech startups, especially with the boom of VR headsets which demands a lot of immersive content. On the production side of VR, tech companies have been working on specialized cameras to capture immersive and realistic 360-degree VR video. Lytro recently announced the Immerge, a professional-grade camera system […]

Google Cardboard Camera – Anyone Can Now Take VR 360° Photo

February 3, 2016

Starting today, anyone with an Android phone can start creating pictures like Podwal did. The Google Cardboard Camera app lets you snap your own virtual reality photos for viewing in Google Cardboard. Anyone who’s taken a panoramic shot using their smartphone already knows how to use this app: You hold your phone in a vertical position, tap […]